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Here are the List of Products :-

  • 3 PLY MASK
  • N95 & KN95
  • DISINFECTANT SPRAYS & Various Variants
  • DISPOSABLE BED SHEETS & much more…

We understand that safety and hygiene are essential things while manufacturing safety essentials. Hence, why, we follow all the norms and standardized SOPs. All our Covid-19 essentials are SITRA, CE , ISO 16603, and ISO 9001 approved. We follow all the regulations while manufacturing and producing the essentials.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has become vulnerable like never before. We have been fighting the situation, and in the process, we need many essentials to keep ourselves and our   loved ones safe. Hence, we realized the situation and moved our workforce to produce more of COVID essentials. Here are the products we manufacture under hygienic conditions and sell around the globe.

PPE kits-

PPE simply stands for personal protective equipment. It refers to protective clothing, helmets, gloves, face shields, goggles, facemasks, and respirators, or other equipment designed to protect yourself from injury or the spread of infection.

N95 respirators and surgical masks are examples of personal protective equipment. It is essential to recognize that the way to prevent airborne transmission.

3-ply masks-

A 3 ply mask or a surgical mask is generally used by health care professionals for surgeries and other health procedures. It is also used by the general public in the prevention off the entry of small droplets or microorganisms to avoid infections.

They are made of non-woven material and can act as a filter for microorganisms. As we know, there is enormous patient flow into hospitals; these masks are high in need.

TouchFree Dispenser Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser –

Touchfree dispensers are new in medical field. We all know that the COVID-19 can be spread
through touching infected places. To avoid such and many other risks, it is invented. With a touch-
free dispenser, you can just use the sanitizer without touching the dispenser. The limited amount of
liquid flows into the hands, and there you go.

Hand sanitizer-

Hand sanitizer is basically in liquid or foam form that is designed to kill the infectious agents on your hands. They contain disinfectious agents that can help to decrease the germs for nearly 99.9%. It is highly recommended to use alcohol-based sanitizers with more than 64 % of alcohol for significant results.

Face shields-

Medical masks have less durability and potential, and to deal with these, face shields were innovated as a solution. They can be reused. Highly comfortable and protective than face masks.

They need just to be washed with soap and water and can be worn again. They have been generous support during influenza and proved to be effective than masks.

Non-contact thermometer-

There are different ways to measure a persons’ temperature. The non-contact thermometer is one of them. With this, you can measure the temperature without contacting the surface. They are designed to avoid the risk of contamination through touch.

N95 masks & KN95

The N 95 masks are specially designed to avoid the entry of small or micro droplets through your breathe. They have very small pores that prevent the access of infectious agents that may be airrr borne. They are worn to also avoid the spread of flus or infections, if you have got any. They are highly effective than a regular surgical mask.

During the COVID-19 situation, it is highly recommended to use a N95 mask and carry it along with you. They filter the breathe and make sure you breathe safe and pure.


Disinfectant spray-

The disinfectant spray contains the chemicals that help in killing micro organisms from the surfaces.
It can just be sprayed over the surfaces and clean it with a cloth. This takes less than a minute to kill
the germs on the infected surfaces. Due to its skin-friendly composition, you can use it safely.

Sodium Hypochlorite-

Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant that is used to clean surfaces, swimming water, etc. It can be used as a bleaching agent to sanitize the dirty areas. One can just spray it over surfaces and get them cleaned.

We have been manufacturing all our products under standardized conditions and methods. All of our products are safe and authorized under ISO regulations. We produce some of the best COVID essentials in the world under world-class conditions. We have all the COVID-19 essentials for sale in bulk or individual.

Bleaching powder-

Bleaching powder contains the property of disinfectants. It can be used to clean the clothes to avoid the risk of infections. By putting on some bleaching powder while washing your clothes, it can kill the germs that are present in them and make them free of contamination. It can also be used for cleaning purposes. You can use it to clean the water apart from drinking and cooking water.

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