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Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue. – Andrew Davis

Content writing is a group of activities such as planning, research, writing and editing for a required subject. As the digital revolution took place, now Content Writing is mostly done online for the websites of organizations to explain their services.Content writing is usually mistaken for Copywriting. While Content writing is all about information and educating the reader about the specific product, Copywriting focuses on the art of persuasion and is all about persuading the reader to use/buy the product. Content writing can be defined as Copywriting minus the rhetoric in it.Even being with no rhetoric, the content which is written should be engaging for the readers to finish the entire article at least. If the writing/article is informative yet dull, the reader won’t show any interest to continue after the first line.Content writing deals with many activities. If an article is considered as an end-product then planning and research are like gathering raw materials for that product and writing the article using the raw materials is like the process of manufacturing. The raw materials would be the subject and perspective on what’s already written on that subject. Subjects should be picked carefully by evaluating if it’s relevant to represent your organization. If it has nothing to do with your organization then the very existence of the idea to write about it would be purposeless for you. After picking the subject, you need to research that particular subject online. Read all the available data which is already present. This not only helps to have your perception by studying different perspectives on the chosen subject but it also helps us to write content that is original and not similar to any other. The final part is writing! All the words gathered should be turned into terms and all the sentences gathered should be turned into propositions. All of those terms and propositions should be written with a pattern of key-words which enables the readers to access the article easily through search engines. This process is called SEO (Search-engine optimization. SEO friendly keywords are written so that the traffic is increased organically (un-paid) through search-engines. There’s a pattern in the algorithm of a search engine and when used certain keywords in the article, the algorithm pops the article up when something relevant is searched. The gathered data from planning, research and writing them in an SEO friendly way form an article. When one calls themselves a content writer, they are involving all the process behind writing and not just writing-writing! We as digital marketers focus on writing content that sells. We write content for all platforms like SEO, SEM, SMM and various other marketing platforms. The secret to the perfect dish of digital marketing is in our minds. Be it content writing, creative writing or copywriting, you say it, we do it. To the growing digital world, we pledge to serve. Get all the needs of your brands done and dusted with us. Hire us and appreciate it later!

Content is the reason search began in the first place. – Lee Odden

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