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After the H1N1 pandemic, there was a substantial rise in the use of face masks in regular life. The usage of these masks is always directly proportional to the hysteria and paranoia, which surges among people when there’s talk of a new disease. Being hysteric and paranoid will not do any good, but being careful is what you should do regardless of there being a pandemic.

There are many ways to prevent yourself from a fast-spreading disease, and wearing a mask is one of the most feasible plans. When it comes to airborne viruses and diseases which spread through droplets, they can be a good option. Face masks not only protect you from getting infected through air or droplets but also keeps you from affecting any other. But there is a classification in face masks. There are different kinds of masks available in the market, but only two are mostly heard and used. Surgical masks being the most popular and have gained their notoriety recently during the SARS – COV2 (Coronavirus) outbreak. Surgical masks are usually available in any drugstore, and their availability is abundant. They  were rare and were only used by healthcare workers.

The distinction between the two masks is what came into light after COVID – 19 outbreak. Surgical masks are the essential masks that protect the nose and mouth from the air and large droplets. They seal the nose and mouth tightly and safeguard from any size of droplets and air. Few masks even have a filter. According to given scientific facts, they can filter out most  of the air we breathe in. Surgical masks are abundantly available and should be used by the common public, healthcare workers who are directly in contact with the patients. Ordinary people don’t need that degree of protection if they are not in any profoundly affected zone.

But regardless of the degree of protection offered if misused, even a Hazmat suit can invite infections. The masks usually come with an elastic band, and few masks have to be tied behind the head. Before wearing a mask, they need to be checked for any tears or holes because if there are any, then the purpose of wearing a mask ceases to function. Surgical masks have a metal strip on them, and it is considered as a topside. The topside of the surgical mask is put on the nose, and the metal strip is bent on your nose to fit accordingly. Now tie the mask behind your face tightly, covering your nose and lips entirely. Many surgical masks come with elastic bands, and they are comfortable to wear. They just need to be put on your face and wear the bands around your ears.

Surgical masks are disposable and should not be used continually. They need to be disposed of in a sealed cover.

The most important thing to do after wearing a mask is to be sure that you are not touching the front side of the mask. Even if you had to reach the front side, you need to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with alcohol-based sanitizer or handwash. If you are always touching the front side and have not washed your hands, then you are again vulnerable to get infected. You have just invited all particles to your mask just to touch them. You need to contact only when you need to adjust the mask.

If you want to use a mask, no matter surgical orany other mask, they will protect you only when you follow the guidelines correctly. Using none is better than wrongfully using them. Understand the proper usage of masks and only then decide which mask to buy according to the zone you are in. Once you have decided to buy, make sure you buy a bunch of them if they are surgical masks.

But if you are thinking of where to buy. Don’t worry! We have the answer. You can buy them at us as we provide 3 Ply surgical masks in bulk. You can buy them at wholesale cost and get them delivered on time. We make scientifically guided masks and make sure they are safe to use. We have a hygienic manufacturing unit of the masks where we produce high quality surgical masks. We deliver masks safeguarded with hygiene.

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